Releasing a Package

After all the work we put into our release 0.1 project we can finally release our projects to a package registry. Since I wrote my link checker in Go I decided to use as it’s the default package registry used by Go so it was a no brainer in my opinion. Before I addedContinue reading “Releasing a Package”

Static Analysis Tooling

When you have a large amount of developers working on a single project you can run into issues such as figuring out a particular developers code if they happen to have a different style compared to yours making it difficult to read through and understand. Because of these cases we utilize tools for formatting andContinue reading “Static Analysis Tooling”

Working With Git Diffs

For this weeks lab we had to setup telescope on our machines and setup functionality in our link checking tools to validate the status of posts found at the /posts route. I ended up using a virtual machine because upgrading my windows was a pain to get WSL2 and I’m fine with WSL. I followedContinue reading “Working With Git Diffs”

Wrapping Up Hacktoberfest

My first time participating in Hacktoberfest was quite fun, finding projects that I liked was quite easy, but finding issues that I could handle given the time I had was a challenge. A lot of my time was spent hopping from repo to repo looking for issues that I could tackle. I looked at quiteContinue reading “Wrapping Up Hacktoberfest”

Back to Comfy Small Projects

Last week, I contributed to Mattermost’s web app, this week, I looked through the list of projects my peers contributed to and there was one that caught my eye. Roger contributed to a Rust project which was a “CLI tool to calculate beer brewing values for different things” named rustybeer. I like Rust and beer,Continue reading “Back to Comfy Small Projects”


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