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Release 0.4 – The Finale

Continuing my journey from last week, as I got to implementing my regex solutions into telescope I decided to check different posts one more time for use cases I may have skipped over one more time. I found that I skipped one and made a mistake in my paragraph regex. Firstly, I found that manyContinue reading “Release 0.4 – The Finale”


I Underestimated the Importance of Testing…

After all the additions, changes and tools we worked with in regards to our link checking tools over this semester we have finally arrived to automated testing. Unit tests are by no means something new to me, but I never bothered implementing them into my own projects as I never really deemed them necessary (onlyContinue reading “I Underestimated the Importance of Testing…”

Back to Comfy Small Projects

Last week, I contributed to Mattermost’s web app, this week, I looked through the list of projects my peers contributed to and there was one that caught my eye. Roger contributed to a Rust project which was a “CLI tool to calculate beer brewing values for different things” named rustybeer. I like Rust and beer,Continue reading “Back to Comfy Small Projects”