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Releasing a Package

After all the work we put into our release 0.1 project we can finally release our projects to a package registry. Since I wrote my link checker in Go I decided to use as it’s the default package registry used by Go so it was a no brainer in my opinion. Before I added my project to the “Go Module Index” I played around with git tag to set a version for my project and created a release. Once I had was prepared I went to the adding a package page and saw that I simply had to access the route of with the link of my github project as it is technically already “published” so to speak and I simply have to request it to be added to the index.

Accessing prompted me with this page

After my project was added I just had to update the readme to include two installation methods, one manual and the other using go get which grabs it from the package registry. The process went really smoothly and I was able to install my project on my virtual machine so the next step was to get someone to test it out. Now, I did this pretty late at night and was chatting with a friend who doesn’t program but was fairly tech-savvy so I ended up making them test my project as they were the perfect candidate. They installed Go and opened their console and typed the go get command mentioned in my readme and then was immediately able to use the program except… with the command being upper case… so I renamed my project to lowercase and updated the import statements, made it release v1.0.2, tested it again and it worked properly this time so I deemed it a success.

An example of me installing and running wisa on my virtual machine

In order to use wisa you must first install Go and then simply follow the readme of the official package which can be found here along with documentation (manual installation will require you to have git installed as well).


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