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This is the space where I talk about making and breaking things. On a computer.

Latest from the Blog

Release 0.4 – The Finale

Continuing my journey from last week, as I got to implementing my regex solutions into telescope I decided to check different posts one more time for use cases I may have skipped over one more time. I found that I skipped one and made a mistake in my paragraph regex. Firstly, I found that manyContinue reading “Release 0.4 – The Finale”

Releasing a Package

After all the work we put into our release 0.1 project we can finally release our projects to a package registry. Since I wrote my link checker in Go I decided to use as it’s the default package registry used by Go so it was a no brainer in my opinion. Before I addedContinue reading “Releasing a Package”

Release 0.4 Part 1 and 2!

I was a little busy last week and I ended up not blogging about which project’s issues I was planning to tackle for our 0.4 release, oops. So, this week I’m going to roll the first and second blogs into one. I decided to work on telescope as I already had the environment setup onContinue reading “Release 0.4 Part 1 and 2!”