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WISA: A Link Checking Tool

WISA or Who Is Still Alive, is the link checker I made using Go for Release 0.1. The tool is fairly straight forward, you pass it a file and it finds all URLs and checks whether or not they are alive or not hence the name. I decided to go with Go (ha.) because of its very easy to pick up syntax and nice libraries they provide aside from the odd error checking. The biggest reason though were go routines, they are green threads that are managed by Go’s runtime and they are incredibly useful for parallelization.

You can take a look at my project here.

Provided you have Go you can build WISA with go build wisa.go and use it like so wisa -f [filename]. The test_urls file included in the repository can be used for instance. You can also append the -v flag for verbose output if you’re interested in the error logs (although they are mostly timed out requests or EOF errors). In order to use it system wide you will have to add it to your PATH and optionally if on linux, to your bin folder.

WISA is fairly bare bones but it’s features include the usage of Go routines for parallelization, flags for file input and uses HEAD Requests which discards the body for network optimization.

WISA in action.

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