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Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Phil. I am taking DPS909 because I like tinkering with things, especially with cool things other people have made. Mainly, I respect all things open source as with out it a lot people would not be exposed to the many great things people have to share for others to study, learn from and implement in their own projects.

In these crazy times I am currently studying from home here in Toronto, but I wouldn’t mind being anywhere else to get a change of scenery. Regardless, I hope to contribute to some projects of interest, whatever they may be… I have many projects that come to mind, but finding one suitable for my first contribution(s) may prove to be a challenge. I have recently become very interested in Portable Executable Injection and Memory Manipulation but I do not think I will be contributing to any projects involving these techniques.

Speaking of PE Injection, while looking into how it works, I was lead down a rabbit hole that brought me to OpenGL and DirectX ‘hooking’ and a little library I quickly fell in love with called ImGui which people used to draw a GUI over OpenGL/DirectX programs. ImGui is very different from your traditional GUI libraries, unlike Qt which is driven by events (Retained) ImGui on the other hand is immediate meaning the UI is redrawn every time it is polled making it very useful for analytical tools, game debugging tools and more.

Demo window showcasing variety of features and examples.

Above is an example of the many different features ImGui offers which user eliasdaler used to create a map editing tool for one of his games. Good stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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